You may have noticed during your jaunts to movie/tv-land that when a protagonist is about to engage in a bout of fisticuffs they usually “introduce” their left and right fists with “fistnames”, for example “meet Jack Johnston and Timothy O’Leary!” (From Anchorman.)

So here’s what I want you to do- make your own fistnames and post them in the comments. Using your ancestral heritage is always a good idea, e.g., “Here’s Bono and the Edge!” if you’re of Irish descent, or maybe “get acquainted with Mario and Luigi!” if you’re from Mediterranean waters. Feel free to add pics.

F: Dans beaucoup de films américains le caractère appelle leurs poings avant le combat. Veuillez faire un nom pour vos poings dans la section commentaires !

J: 多くのアメリカ映画で特性は戦う前に握りこぶしを示す。 コメントセクションのあなたの握りこぶしの名前を作りなさい!

I: In molti film americani il carattere chiama i loro pugni prima di combattimento. Faccia prego un nome per i vostri pugni nella sezione di osservazioni!

C: 在许多美国电影字符在战斗之前命名他们的拳头。 请做一个名字对于您的拳头在注释部分!

G: Auf viele Filme Amerikaner die Buchstabe Anrufe ihre Fäuste vor Kampf. Gesicht I beten einen Namen für Ihre Fäuste im Abschnitt von Beobachtungen!