i’m the artist + illustrator polydesign studio


Polydesign Studio is my artist name because I like to work in different creative outlets. I am:
  • an illustrator, (hand and digital/AR)
  • graphic designer
  • web designer

and even create prints for clothing and accessories.


I want to use my art to make the world more beautiful, and take viewers to a new world.
Some of my most successful moments as an artist happened when I made a connection with another person, through their response to, and interpretation of, my work.

Currently, I am based in Melbourne, and exhibit in Australia and Japan.







These videos document my residency in the retail precinct of Upper West Side Apartments in Melbourne’s CBD. For this exhibition I created physical work with an Augmented Reality layer that could be viewed through a smartphone or tablet.
The works were inspired by themes of control, self-perception/identity, nostalgia, narrative and digital life.

Video and music by Nigel Williams

Video by Gin Pineau