i’m caroline meathrel-mack, an illustrator based in castlemaine . 

I want to use my art to make the world more beautiful, and to give viewers a new perspective on life.

Some of my most successful moments as an artist are when I make a connection with another person, through their response to my work.

I exhibit in Australia and Japan. Thanks to Redbubble I have also sold work to people in the USA, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany and Italy!




“bodily autonomy” series

“koi” series


These videos document my residency in the retail precinct of Upper West Side Apartments in Melbourne’s CBD. For this exhibition I created physical work with an Augmented Reality layer that could be viewed through a smartphone or tablet.
The works were inspired by themes of control, self-perception/identity, nostalgia, narrative and digital life.

Video and music by Nigel Williams

Video by Gin Pineau