So I made some gingerbread over the weekend, more specifically, ginger men- Conan O’Brien and Mick Hucknall in edible form. The icing came out more pink than red, but they were pretty delicious if I say so myself…

F: J’ai fait cuire ces biscuits. Ils ont les cheveux rouge à base de givrage. Ils sont Conan O’Brien et Mick Hucknall.
J: 私はこれらのビスケット調理されます。彼らが赤い髪氷から作られる。
I: Ho cucinato questi biscotti. Hanno i capelli rossi a base di formazione di ghiaccio. Loro sono Conan O’Brien e Mick Hucknall.
C: 我做这些饼干。他们有红色的头发,从结冰的。
G: Ich kochte diese Kekse. Sie haben rote Haare aus Zuckerguss.