look book

You will notice something distinct about the Polydesign Studio streetwear look books – I don’t release new seasonal collections year after year.

This is because I want to address the pressure and waste created by the clothing industry. My clothes are created around concepts, emotions and places personal to me, not throwaway trends.

They are high-quality, ethically produced, and available any time you decide you want to buy it. (Provided there is stock left!) A lot of the pieces are print to order or kept in stock until the collection sells out, avoiding the fashion industry’s need to throw away what hasn’t sold each season.

This is because I believe in buying an original piece of clothing you genuinely love and want to wear over and over again – I hope to find like-minded people who enjoy the weird and wonderful garments I create.

So please browse the look books below, as many of the items can be made to order just for you!


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